CAR 103

CAR 103 Careers & Lifeskills

CAR 103 is a free course available to TRiO students. CAR 103 counts as 2 social science credits. CAR 103 starts Tuesday, August 29! 

*Click here for syllabus

Fall 2017 Class Schedule:

Week 1: Introduction: Course Syllabus

Week 2: How well do you know GCC

Week 3: Study Tips, Note-taking, Test-taking and Learning Styles

Week 4: Time Management

Week 5: Wellness

Week 6: Skills to Manage Life Stressors

Week 7: Personality Inventories

Week 8: MI WORKS!

Week 9: Dinner Etiquette

Week 10: Social Etiquette

Week 11: Career Trip Exensify

Week 12: Money 101

Week 13: Resume Writing 

Week 14: Interview Skills

Week 15: Interviews

Week 16: Review Interviews


Grant Aid:

Students who successfully complete CAR 103 are eligible for supplemental grant aid. Grant Aid ranges from $600-$1200. Students can receive grant aid for up to 4 semesters after completion of CAR 103. In order to qualify for grant aid a student must:

  • Successfully complete CAR 103 with C or higher
  • Be receiving a Pell Grant
  • Have unmet need