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Power up thinking. Shut down anonymity.

You are not a "number" here. Our rare student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, plus unique opportunities, equals unparalleled quality, value, and voice. Controlled, small class sizes and personal attention provide an excellent education for your investment. As an extension of this commitment to excellence, Gogebic Community College developed Honors Classes to respond to the needs of advanced students for greater academic challenge and intellectual stimulation. The ACES Academic Support Center provides academic assistance in all subject areas through many avenues. Our Return to Learn program addresses the needs of non-traditional students, and online degrees are available to anyone.

Small campus. Big thinking.

Opportunities to meet legislators and people of influence, voice your opinions, debate current issues, and power up your thinking are scheduled regularly. A few examples… Gogebic students have: debated health care with their congressman; simulated an election process; and received advice on goal accomplishment from a Coast Guard Rear Admiral.

Associate degrees, transfer programs,
technical programs, and certificates

Gogebic Community College is a comprehensive community college offering a wide range of educational programs. The programs of study can be divided into two major groups, those oriented toward students planning to transfer to four year universities and those oriented toward students planning to enter directly into the work force after graduation.

The Associate of Science and the Associate of Arts degree programs are Gogebic´s basic academic transfer programs. Courses in these liberal arts degree programs parallel those offered in the first two years at four-year baccalaureate degree institutions, and credits earned in selected courses at GCC are readily transferable. Virtually all colleges and universities require a well-balanced curriculum that includes a distribution of course work in each of the four basic liberal arts and sciences divisions. The examples contained in this catalog are just some of the areas of study that one may begin at GCC. There are many other associate degree transfer programs available. See a counselor or faculty advisor to plan your program.

Be sure to review the Michigan Transfer Agreement

These programs of study are designed primarily to prepare graduates for immediate employment in specialized areas. Although course work in these programs is not designed for transfer to other colleges, in some cases students may transfer to colleges offering baccalaureate degrees in the same specialization.

If transfer is being considered as an option, careful planning with your faculty advisor is necessary to maximize credit transfer.

Gogebic Community College offers five degrees, all of which include varying levels of general education core requirements: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Applied Business, and the Associate of Applied Technology.

In many areas, one year of study is not sufficient for adequate job preparation; therefore, your program may need to include General Education as well as specialized training for successful performance and significant advancement in your career choice. In this case, your objective will be an associate degree.

All associate degrees require that you take courses in the traditional academic areas devoted to generalized knowledge about our physical, social and cultural worlds. These pursuits help to develop your full potential both as an individual and as a contributing member of society. Seeing your particular job from a larger perspective will assist you with interpersonal relationships, coping with change and career advancement.

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